soup truffles!

Well wonder of wonders, here are two new truffle recipes inspired by my new neighborhood:

Wasabi Truffles

chocolate, melted
coconut milk
coconut oil
powdered wasabi (check your wasabi, some of the pastes have gluten and all sorts of weird-sounding preservatives in them, plus SO much green!)
toasted black sesame seeds

mix all together to taste
thaw slightly and roll into truffle balls

Tom Yum Truffles

chocolate, melted
coconut oil
coconut milk
kaffir lime leaves
fresh lemongrass
chili flakes
chili oil
sesame oil (just a dash)
toasted coconut flakes

melt chocolate
add lemongrass, lime leaves, salt, chili and oils to coconut milk, and heat for ages (until it tastes like the lime leaves)
mix with chocolate and coconut oil
follow as before

with both batches, i melted more chocolate with coconut oil and rolled the refrozen truffles in it to coat, then topped them with sesame seeds and coconut flakes.



amanda said...

miammiam i really want to make miso truffles.

Curlygirl said...

wasabi can be purchased as powder, I don't think there are any additives... check it out