well I'm moved if not unpacked. I scrubbed the hood on the stove, top
and bottom, fans and all for an hour today, scraping off years of green
and yellow grease with the end of a spoon handle. For some reason I
felt that cleaning the kitchen would set me at ease for living here.

Followed up the scrubbing with a trip to the humongous Chinese
supermarket 2 blocks East. Ahh, dinner.

Cold Soba noodle salad:

soba noodles (for a gluten-free salad, use any GF pasta, or this would be
awesome with quinoa, sushi rice, or no grain at all!)

chinese eggplant
soft tofu
thai basil
bragg's aminos or soy sauce
honey or maple syrup or agave

fuji apple
green onion

sesame oil
chili oil and/or chili flakes
miso paste
coconut milk
bragg's aminos or soy sauce

[1] boil soba noodles, strain, run under cold water
[2] soak eggplant, sliced, in salt water until ready to cook. saute with
garlic and ginger with a lid in any medium-high heat oil. let it crisp up,
add sweet and salt, add tofu, adjust sweet and salt, cover and keep
crisping. add some thai basil leaves
[3] chop for salad
[4] mix all together to taste as a dressing, pour on cold noodles. add [3]
and [4] mix together, sprinkle with chili flake and sesame seeds, and add
a little extra chili oil and sesame oil

tastes better eaten out of wooden bowls with new roommates.


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