back to business

I just rode over to the C & C Garment Company (in the same building
as Noisebridge, a local hackerspace), to talk about sewing up some
jerseys. I haven't given them any thought at all since I started working
on the parade, and it's been getting me down.

The bad news is they do not cut, but that is a-okay, because the good
news is they can sew each shirt for $3.50.

$3.50! What was I even thinking trying to sew them myself?!

I'm not quite ready to go into production, as I'd really like to work with
a pattern maker to make the jerseys perfect, to talk to some fabric
companies to try and source some wholesale yardage, to take some sewn
shirts to stores and get some orders, and then to cut and applique like
crazy, but I feel really good about getting the ball rolling.

If any of you want to take a crack at repping the shirts at your local bike
shops, let me know and I'll send you a shirt when they get made. Maybe
this thing can actually take off!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Sadie,
Send me a shirt sample when it is streamlined and maybe make a brochure (copy paste images of other shirts is enough) and I'll take it to some Bike shops in Brooklyn and see what happens.
Brooklyn is the hub from which all spokes speake out.