so that's how light sabers work?

9 and a half hours into a 10 hour work day my judgment was definitely lacking.
The blade of the jigsaw I was using to cut out some semicircular panel details
jumped off its track, and I tried to push it back between its bearings to keep
cutting. Unfortunately friction had made the blade hot! I felt it burning my
thumb after a few seconds and looked at my thumb to see the heat had
cauterized the place where I was pressing it! There's now a nasty looking
(sealed) split in the tip of my thumb. I'm thinking that won't go away soon.

On a better note, I started work at Cafe Hurghada today, and I am happy to
know that I will have some income after the parade. After work Jesse and I
went to Crittersalon's Mother Cultural Exchange at the Center for Urban
Projects. It was a (really nice) room full of DIYers sharing their miso, kefir,
yogurt, sourdough, mushroom and kombucha cultures, and some champapple
to try. Very cool stuff. I'm working on a pot of yogurt now, and just did some
research on ricotta cheese, which is apparently made from the whey you get
when you strain yogurt. I'll be posting on that soon.

Stay tuned for tomorrow night's dinner, which is themed things-that-look-
like-eggs. Thanks to Jesse and Kari for suggesting that one.

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