just another thursday

I've had something of a marathon 24 hours, from going back to work
for the parade guy (against my moral standards but my bank account
is lacking) from 9:30-5, heading straight to SFSU to assist a demo
from visiting artist Jaime Guerrero (awesome demo of a skull,
followed by a hand holding a veiny heart), crashing as soon as I got
home in order to get to work with Hilary Williams at 9. I don't think
I've mentioned Hilary yet, but I am interning with her for the next 9
weeks (ish). Today I printed a couple of layers of an edition of 50
works on paper, using her flashy pneumatic silkscreening press. Way

Hilary also gave me one of her cheap frames today, and now this piece:

is framed and for sale at D-Structure SF on Haight and Fillmore, if
any of you are in the neighborhood.

In other news, here is a pile of leg straps waiting to be sewn, there
is a batch of vegan rice and corn muffins in the oven, I could barely
ride to Balboa Park this morning, and I'm on my fourth cup of coffee.


p.s. the (approximate) recipe:

3 c cooked brown rice (or any cooked grain blend. I also cooked my rice with some spices)

2 2/3 c dry grain (I used both polenta and cornmeal, but for other batches I used oats)

1/2 T salt (you can cook it in with the rice, and/or add it later)

some olive oil, not much

3 c juice (first batch I used apple cider, it was great. Next batch got cranberry juice, and I added pear slices, also great. This one I ran out of juice 1 1/2 cups in and just used water, and it's still good. The juice makes the bread pretty sweet. I think the next batch will be a savory one with miso soup as the liquid)

embellish liberally. I recommend slices of fruit cooked in, a slice of citrus across the top to caramelize, nuts, seeds, cinnamon, dates, sour berries.... really, you can't go wrong.

bake at 350. If you want a loaf, it should bake about an hour. If you want muffins keep it down to 20 minutes or so. They'll be done when the top is dry and almost crispy but the sides are still really moist.

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Ally Berke said...

Hey, I probably am not going to make it out to SF until Saturday, but if that drawing sells before then, can I buy another drawing?

Also, Saturday there's a free MAKE event at the exploratorium on wearable electronics that you might enjoy. Also I want to introduce you to a friend of a friend who is a puppeteer (http://www.norestforthewicked.biz/)

So many things!