on the up and up

It's an aberration of a day here, with the temperature bouncing between
62 and 48 degrees. The sun shows no intention of ever going down, and
the bars on my street have all had lines out the door since before 11 am.

Kari and I woke up with the jackhammers just past 8 and ducked out to
the Ferry Building farmer's market. There we sampled orange after orange
before finally agreeing to buy some broccoli rabe.

I just got back from a meeting with this little cafe, described by one happy
yelper as "an oasis of normality amongst all the depravity of the TL." It
looks like I'm being trained next Saturday morning, and after working a
few shifts, reanalyzing the menu to make the food more interesting. Not
a bad gig, and the neighborhood will bring some worthwhile stories.

Other than that, I rode my bike over 20 miles today! I think it's a sign that
I'll be back to normal soon. I do NOT plan on going back to work at the
parade, which is a weight off my shoulders, to say the least.

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