whatever happened to being young and resilient?

i left work after 8 hours today, after almost falling asleep 15 feet off the ground on top of a poorly secured giant suitcase, after every click of the staple gun was an effort, after getting home at midnight last night and being at work at nine, after almost crying after crying.

dave rolled his eyes at me when i said i had to leave. the guilt trip might have worked were i not reassured by the whole crew (one by one) that i didn't look too good.

when it's all over, at least i'll have rent money.


Robert said...

be careful, sweetie....it ain't worth falling 15 feet off some stupid unsecured suitcase, not even for the rent....sometimes a job is nothing more than a job, and you can always find another job on the way to making your fortune!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sadie,
In nursing, they teach you that your first priority is YOU. Without that....nothing else gets done right.
(It never about money, it's always about well-being)