Happy Valentine's Day (and Chinese New Year) to everybody. Celebrations
were in order over here, so Kari and I planned a pocket-themed dinner
party! On the menu:

Stuffed peppers and tomatoes, with rice, polenta, gouda cheese, onions,
portabello mushrooms, eggplant and thyme

Dolmas full of brown rice, cardamon, walnuts, dates and barberries

Fried parsnip and portabello spring rolls with cranberry sauce

Fresh summer rolls filled with tofu, blood oranges, nectarines, avocado,
cucumber and daikon

Broccoli rabe and eggplant ravioli (buckwheat and whole wheat pasta

The dessert is not photographed, and was not pocketed, but was
unequivocally delicious: poached d'anjou pears with a chocolate beer
reduction sauce, a la mode with coconut milk vanilla ice cream, plus
homemade banana bread from Paul, who also made a saucepan full of
fresh Arabic coffee.

Dwoira also whipped up a carbonated watermelon drink with fresh
mint leaves

Thanks to all of our valentines, and we are now taking suggestions for next
week's theme (come over!)

-Sadie and Kari

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