just the miscellaneous

while productivity is still low, i've been filling up the hours quite consistently.

last night, kari paul and jesse were over for a meal of roasted beets and beet
greens, radish/mint/hazelnut/arugula/blood orange/sundried tomato salad,
lentil soup, and vegan passion fruit chocolate mousse.

the chocolate mousse is as follows:

melt 2-3 oz unsweetened chocolate (or sweetened and leave out the sweetener)
add agave/honey until the chocolate is just sweeter than you actually want it
mix ~2 oz passion fruit pulp with 4-8 oz coconut milk, add to chocolate
put everything in a blender until emulsified

taste and edit

chill covered about 2 hours, or until mousse is not liquidy


in other news, i spent the day sailing with kari and her uncle, and i got in a few
open mic drawings before quickly and completely crashing. camera batteries
crashed too, pictures soon.

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