and before she was gone, she was back!

Parade day is over! I'm free! and alive! and my bruises are getting
lighter every day! Even the splits in my fingers are healing, and I
think the last of the primer and paint washed off my arms today.
I must admit the parade was a little anti-climactic, but I felt proud
nonetheless, and I am glad it's behind me.

Some photos stolen from flickr:

I spent the morning relaxing after the 70 hour work week (!)

Watched some inspirational latte art youtube videos, and decided
to try my hand, and my dinky espresso machine, since it will be a
week before i can use the nice equipment again (the cafe job, by
the way, is hilarious, and i am enjoying it). The art was a little sad,
but the latte was damn good!

Bought two new sketch pads, hoping to start on them tomorrow. I
can't wait

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Anonymous said...

what an adventure it has been.Welcome back