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I did some mediocre coffee-shop-open-mic sketches last night,
found out the drawing I gave to the open-mic host a few weeks
ago is hanging out right by the cash register, which is cool.

But the sketches are not the point of this post, the point is that
I played a song! In a microphone! It was cool, kind of a rush
(although I'll blame the beer). Conor (my newest roommate)
and I have been playing some songs on the nights that we are
both awake after 9, which is apparently rare.

Anyway, song is here.

Also, I forgot to photograph, but tonight's bring-your-own-
theme-potluck (BYOTP) was a hit, and coincidentally, everything
that was brought was some shade of whiteish yellow, including
oven roasted potato squash and parsnip fries, a gluten-free
casserole from Andrew and Lianna, cheesey cornbread from Jesse
and a tomatoey puff pastry from Paul. It was all washed down with
some oatmeal orange zest cookies from Helen and a chocolate
mousse tart with bergamot.

A recipe for the tart:

1 c flour (i used buckwheat, anything will work, but for gluten free
flours, buckwheat is my favorite)
1 c ground sunflower seeds (nuts are also great)
1/4 c agave/honey/maple syrup or whatever you have
1/4 c oil (I like coconut oil because it holds together a little better,
olive oil works well too)
pinch of salt (it actually makes a difference)

mix together, press into an oiled spring form pan, bake at 400 for
10 minutes or so, or until the edges of the crust start to brown.

melt some chocolate and spread it on top of the crust. refrigerate until
the chocolate is solid again

mousse (don't know the proportions, I just did it to taste)
melted chocolate
coconut milk
english breakfast tea

steep tea in coconut milk until the coconut milk smells more like tea
than like coconut. it will also start to turn brown. strain and combine
with melted chocolate in a blender (this will emulsify the mix). blend,
taste, tweak. The best textured mousse so far was tonight's, and I think
the secret was making it more liquidy than I thought I should. After
mixing it all together, I diluted it with more coconut milk and a little bit
of water. It made it a little less rich, which was needed, and a little less
chocolatey, which will only be a problem if you are using high end dark
chocolate bars instead of cheap and effective chocolate chips. On the
bright side, I am almost out of chocolate bars (only have 4 left) so soon
I won't have to make everything taste like chocolate (who knew this could
be such a problem?!)

Pour the mousse liquid into the crust, cover with a plate and refrigerate
until solid (2-3 hours). A good way to test is to pour your overflow into
a cup. Test that to see if the mousse is solid instead of defacing your tart.

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