Energy Legs!

I've gotten in a bunch of riding this first week of freedom, and after the
first few days (and the second flat) I noticed all sorts of problems,
including a weird click in the left pedal and a crunchy rear hub. When
I pulled off the back wheel, the axle was not able to spin at all without
tools, and at that point I packed up and headed over to the
Exploratorium for some awesome bike mechanic lessons from Jesse.

In two nights we covered and fixed lots of things about cranks (the cup
was loosened from the frame quite a bit, hence the rocking pedals), rear
hubs (the bearings were pretty shot and the bearing preload was tight.
Repacked the hub and adjusted the cone nuts), and brakes (lubricated
the cable housings, swapped out the brake pads). It feels pretty good
to know more of my away around this bike.

I oiled the chain and now the thing rides like a champ. My few days of
riding with a way-too-loaded axle have yielded massive new leg muscles
that feel very strange. Even riding a few blocks is painful right now,
and walking feels relatively alien. Tomorrow is a rain day, no(t much)
biking for me.

Thanks Jesse.

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Anonymous said...

Tell Jesse I'm coming over for some bike maintenance lessons with both of you. I am a totally hopeless wreck when it comes to keeping my bike up. But I am pretty good at repolacing the plastic bags that cover my seat because it is rusted and pigeons do target practice on it occasionally