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The following now at Mission Bicycle Company:

Since it felt SO good to be sewing again, I stopped in to the fabric store
to restock. Unfortunately, I got paid AND there was a 40% off sale on
the ribbon I bind the leg straps and bike corsets with.


Well, I couldn't stop spending money there, so $100 in wholesale
picture frames later I've finally gotten my favorite drawings in frames.
It took so little time, and they look so professional. 6 of the larger
drawings and these 3 smaller ones are now in matching frames, ready
to be on anybody's wall (any suggestions?).

And of course, since I can eat again, here's a recipe.

Salsa verde, the easiest thing I've ever made:

6 tomatillos
less than 1 jalapeno
1 clove garlic
lime juice
lots of cilantro

put everything in a blender, blend, serve with tortilla chips. or use
in chile verde, or serve with chili verde after using it in chili verde
(all 3 done above).

chili verde:

salsa verde
some kind of broth (chicken preferred, but as I had none I used
miso. weird but undetectable)
bell pepper
hot pepper (anaheim? poblano?)

saute the chicken in oil till it browns on the outside (just for extra
crisp, but not a necessary step. saute onions and peppers. Add all
to a large pot with salsa verde and broth, cook for 1-4 hours. serve,
or refrigerate for other things, for example, empanadas.

empanadas: not satisfied with the dough. will keep working on this.
but they happened, chicken chili verde empanadas with salsa verde
and avocado. tasty as anything.

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Anonymous said...

Boo-hoo....wish I could come over and have lunch with you. Can't....and I am just getting over some food poisoning myself...