soda pop

Dinner last night was themed onomatopoeia. So in the category "fizz"
I made some simple syrups to mix with seltzer. (the whole dinner was
great, but I am drinking this soda right now and it is amazing!)


Dissolve sugar in water (1:1)
When the solution is hot, add your flavours, stir, let chill. Keep whatever
you boil in the container as it cools, it will keep adding taste.

I tried the following four flavours: Rose, Lavender, Rosemary, Sage. I've
tasted them all but the sage, and each one has been my favorite. The
rosemary is what I'm drinking now (part syrup part seltzer), so damn good

I hang my show tomorrow morning, pictures to come!

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hi sadie. This is simon.

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