A quickie from last week's open mic:

I'm feeling almost back to normal after another 10.5 hours of sleep in the bank.
I passed out by 8:30 last night, which felt incredible. The silkscreener I was
going to work for today cancelled this morning, but as I was awake anyway, I
tagged along with my roommate's friend Julie to her Cultural Anthropology
class at City College. It was a fun class, especially after having read Ishmael
by Daniel Quinn. It made the kinship charts we were going over seem a little
more relevant. Also we learned the actual definition for cousins and cousins
removed, a useful tidbit (First, second, twentieth cousins are of the same
generation as each other. Removed is the number of generations difference
there are. For instance, my first cousin's kid would be my first cousin once
removed, but that kid and my kid would be second cousins).

Mo' Lata

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