In this time of legular fatigue, I have rediscovered the underutilized
resource that is my Haight Street rooftop. That, plus the shiny new
set of cool grey prismacolor markers sent by the beautiful brooke
jarrett, (and a scarf and winter jacket) have worked diligently for the
past hour to bring you the following:

It felt less than 100% to draw this, but it was a start. I think the
weirdest transition was from drawing one building on large paper to
drawing three hills on small paper (I'll fine tune it next time I am
incapacitated). Another drawing from yesterday's coffee:

and a recipe! Black bean and quinoa mole burgers!

These were a most excellent bike-fixing dinner, as they kept their
shape and didn't fall into crumbs all over the greasy piles of bike parts.

to make?

1 can black beans, rinsed to get rid of all the extra salt
1 onion sauteed with chile powder
1 1/2 cups cooked quinoa (1/2 c uncooked)
lots of cornmeal
1-2 eggs (more eggs, more cornmeal)
mole sauce

mole sauce:
toast chile and cinnamon in olive oil, add a few tablespoons of
coconut milk, melt in a little bit of chocolate

mix everything (including the sauce) in a large bowl, make into burger
patties, coat in more cornmeal, and fry in a tiny bit of oil until the
burgers look cooked and hold their shape.

serve with plain yogurt and avocado, and extra mole sauce on tortillas

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