a mini bike excursion

Borrowed this bike route from Jesse: (and just a heads up, Google maps
now includes bicycling directions!)

The route is awesome, with a leisurely uphill for the first couple miles
before a long, windy and decently paved downhill into the Glen Park
area. From there it's a roll through some bedraggled looking streets
before hitting Bayshore, a long flat stretch with a good view of the hills
and the Bay. At this point it felt like I was getting somewhere: it stopped
looking like city, and I knew that if I got a flat, I'd be walking for a long
time. This goes until it hits the airport, and from then on it's a bunch of
industrial strip mall shops and storage (There was even a taxidermy shop!).

I was almost ready to go, decked out in the finest of True That jerseys and bike
pants. But what to bring on a bike ride? I figured these were the essentials:
water bottle, keys, arm warmers, apple, ipod, cash, ID, bike coalition card,
sunglasses. Of course there was also a helmet, u-lock, gloves and a sweater.

And last but not least, readily accessible directions:

It's about an 18 mile trip form my house (I took the train home), and I'm
pretty beat. Food poisoning knocked me out all of Tuesday (slept for 24 hours!)
and my muscles are none to happy about being woken up. Still working on
touching my toes again, it's been a while.

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