I went to a meeting tonight at which we discussed what to do with a 15,000 sq.
ft. warehouse, with residential and commercial zoning, with a 20-year lease and
a whole bunch of artist-nerds. Needless to say, the words "awesome," "crazy"
and "spaceship" got totally abused, and it was all hilarious. Also exciting.

Here's Geoff starting off the meeting:

and an innocent MUNI victim on the way home (I took today off from biking
in order to get some public transit drawings in. This is the only drawing worth
mentioning, and I don't know if it was worth giving up the ride for, but at least
it's something). Apologies for the lack of focus.

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liza said...

hey babe, kiwi adds vinegar to his poached egg water to avoid explosion of said egg. just a reminder after reading your poached egg post.....