a note on finding importance

I'm sitting in my overstuffed chair with two drenched bike rides' worth of clothing
drying on my heater, downing my second cafe americano and putting off filing my
taxes, so of course it's time for a dubiously useful blog post. Here goes.

With the buzz of waking up too early quenched by too much coffee, my head has
been finnagling its way into vaguely philosophical territory. All I've been doing
lately is cooking, biking, drawing, and working in a coffee shop. Of those four, I've
been drawing the least, even while that is the only one that leaves a product (apart
from dirty dishes and bigger quads). Cooking feels great, fulfilling even. But when
I think about it, hours of cooking and shopping and planning and cleaning go into
each day of food-prep, for a tasty few bites and maybe a photograph, and I somehow
find it important. It doesn't really make sense, unless I think about it from the
mindset of it's-important-to-stay-alive or it's-important-to-be-happy-at-this-
particular-moment. But in terms of propelling myself forward, one recipe at a
time isn't getting me anywhere but broker.

All this, and I'm simultaneously planning my next batch of tamales for some night
this week. Really Sadie. At least I can blame not-drawing on the rain, and can justify
the ingredient-buying with the cafe shifts.

Maybe someday my goals will be a little less immediate.

Meanwhile in the real world, my show is coming down today or tomorrow, I sold
two drawings (!) and I've got some bike stuff for sale at the Revolution Cafe on 22nd
and Bartlett. Since 2 unpaid jobs didn't seem to take up enough of my time, I got a
third, working as a shadow-person with ShadowLight Productions, a shadow puppet
troupe, for a show at the end of May. More news to come, I'm pretty excited about
this one.

And some drawings:


litero said...


Cant you draw an attractive person?

sadie sosha said...

There'd be nothing in it for me

Anonymous said...

Hey....imagine how Columbus felt...sailing east....east....east...east....east
.....endlessly east....and then...
Keep sailing....you'll know when you hit land.....it will sound like
....THUMP or CRUNCH....eh...well...
you'll know