while the batteries charge...

got a crop of new drawings, on new paper, bought for the zoo drawing day.
I'm psyched about the paper; it's called "paper for pens" and it's an
"ultrasmooth" bleedproof vellum. Totally lovely to draw on.

Batteries are charging for my camera, but in the meantime, please enjoy this
smoothie recipe:

1 banana
1 orange (i used half for the fruit and half for the juice)
small handful of mint leaves
1 pitted date
seltzer or water

the mint really makes it.

Also, I just cleared off my table for the first time since getting it, so I'm
hoping for a the productivity chart to get a little more vertical. Also I beat
my fastest time to the beach and back this evening, 41 minute roundtrip.
New tire on the front wheel, so no more pinch flats (phew!) and I got my
pedal fixed so it doesn't klu-clunk every go-around.

So all's well over here.

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please cool something with chermoya