Well I alleviated the monotony of filing my taxes by eating a bowl of coconut
milk ice cream topped with spiced candied kumquats. Let me tell you, it made
the job easier (albeit a little sticky).

Spiced Candied Kumquats:

handfull of kumquats, quartered
fresh ginger slices
maple syrup/agave/sugar/honey

put all in a pot and bring to a boil, let it simmer for a little bit, take it off the
heat. it tasted better the next day.

Of course I also took a break between filing federal and state taxes to do some
drawing. My feet took me to Velo Rouge Cafe, even though I was set on going
to the Mission, but it worked out, and I ended up meeting someone who has a
show up at Mojo Bike Cafe of really well-done bike-themed watercolors. He
showed me his sketchbook, which reminded me a lot of my old books (but was
better), and it was a really great little reality check. I think I've been much too
introverted in terms of inspiration, and have forgotten to be looking at other
people's work. Phew!

It's gonna get some watercolor, stay tuned.

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