food and art and stuff

let's start with the food. a photo-worthy meal of curried lentil croquettes
(i've been called out one-too-many times on calling them burgers), yogurt,
za'atar, and veggies on tortillas, a side of jesse's mom's brisket leftover from
passover seder on monday, coconut mochi, and some rose mint soda.

Coconut mochi:

1 part coconut milk (if it is thick, water it down a little)
1 part sweet rice flour
less than 1/4 part sugar of some sort

mix all together in a bowl
microwave 4 minutes unless your microwave is superior, then i got nothin
lay out shredded coconut on surface. use a spoon to gather the hot rice mix,
keep your hands wet so the rice doesn't stick. form the rice into a ball, roll
in coconut, serve.

i finished city hall in time to hang this for my opening! psyched about it.
the opening was a hit, and thank you to everyone who turned up, it means
a lot to me. photos to come, no promises on the quality.

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