I got to the Oakland Colosseum station, 4 miles west of the Oakland Zoo,
two sketch pads on my back and coffee getting to work in my brain, when
my front brake cable snapped!

After a cursory side-of-the-road fix-up, all signs (and a call from Jesse)
said riding was a terrible idea: I didn't know the area, whether it would
be uphill or down (it was bound to be one), where I'd get stranded...

So no zoo for me. I swapped out the cable no problem when I got home
using a cable I happened to find on the street a while back. All excitement
aside, I was a little worried about getting so much sun, and I have the
equivalent of growing pains in my right arm running up through my neck,
so drawing would have been a feat, bike ride or not.

Next time I guess.

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Anonymous said...

I was holding my breath on this one....metaphorically