money better spent than paying rent

I'm relaxing in my room to the sweet sounds of the jackhammers down the
street, tempered with some songs from Joanna Newsom's new album, which
I recommend.

I spent the day at the De Young Museum in Golden Gate Park. It was a little
steep getting in, but worth it. The show up right now is a 3 day special where
florists were invited to make living interpretations of a piece of art in the
collection. Some of them were to die for, all of them smelled great, and there
was a fun hat contest running all day, so the crowd was as entertaining as any.

I didn't draw too much at the museum, as I was overwhelmed with visual input,
which felt great. But aside from feeling great, I have a storm cloud of possible
eviction hovering just ahead, which feels horrible! Hoping that sorts itself out,
if not, expect some blogging down-time as I pack up and go...somewhere.

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