playing catch up

Well this week has been pretty exciting in that I finished the first pad of
paper for pens, (40 pages well spent) and upgraded to a bigger size for
more drawings per drawing. I also got three more shows lined up since
I took down the show at Blue Jay on Tuesday. So pencil it in:

Luv-a-Java for the month of June (26 x Dolores)
SoCha for the month of August (Mission x Valencia)
Revolution Cafe for the month of September (22 x Bartlett)

Also in the week's news, Jesse and I gave my bike a total makeover, with
new brake levers and brake cables, new brown handlebar tape, a shiny
new longer seat post, and a rack and panniers for this weekend's camping
trip! We'll be riding up north in a modest 7-person pack. The route will
look something like this:

The only bummer is I went and got myself sick! I'm hoping that chugging
tea and orange juice will do the trick, and I'll be riding good as new
tomorrow morning. So here's hoping, and here's some drawings:

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