Well the rain came back for long enough to not want to finish my city hall
drawing, so instead I sewed up a vest to wear to dinner on Monday.
Vaguely bike corset inspired I guess?

I had a job interview today at a wholesale bakery in the Bayview, which
included getting free bread, but also biking home 8 miles in the rain, for
a total of 23 miles today! I don't feel it, in fact I feel like I didn't ride at
all and that I should go for a sprint or something. Bummer? I think not.

One more interview tomorrow at La Boulange, a small chain French
bakery/cafe. Also working tomorrow through Sunday at my cafe. Coffee
coffee coffee! I am really liking this buzz of activity, deadlines, bike rides,
weekend plans and morning shifts. I worked for Hilary this morning
pulling prints til my arms hurt. Ah, self-induced stress, how I missed you.

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